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A Busy Love of Fate
Days pass by in a flash.. All blending together in a giant pot.
Is it Monday or is it Friday?
The holidays rang near while i question the very thought that it is here.
Soft twinkles show from the evergreen that sits a sad two feet tall.
Its sold, and the closing day is the end of next month,
Not long after my birthday.
Everything will be closer, while I'm getting used to the new surroundings.
The flowers shout my name,
Every gust of wind intrudes on my ignorance while brown eyes stare upon me.
Dancing knights and princesses glide in the wind.
Is that snow?
A symphony plays near by to only succeed to my questions.
Without notice due to the busy days and hectic life,
The thing I love makes itself known with his announcement of his adventure ahead.
Long time pals with pinkies tied together..
A long never ending red string that tangles, stretches and bends but never breaks.
The future is here and maybe Tokidoki will catch each other just at the right glimps.
:iconniola:Niola 1 3
Akachan a.
Endless dark nights seem to last longer; Days become shorter with the seasons change.
Stand here like a knight awaiting a storm.
Chilling breeze hits the leaves; They dance almost in a moment of despondency.
Counting the moments the earth becomes still; Awaiting a moment of bliss, that is far far away.
Watching the sound of glass shatter..Something you have never heard.
Disoriented seems the only feeling or sensation.
Being this way was not an option… it simply happened.
Open the door please for the lock I can not touch...
The key turned to dust within my clutch.
Revive the cold desert ; The iron bars seem iced.
Flickering seems to be above where the moment of despondency follows.
Faking my way through every day.. Slowly drifting into a more cold and iced way..
Constant glass shatters every moment; Leaving a piece behind.
Abandon the moments of bliss within a forgotten memory.
Bright lights cloud vision; Loud music blare in both ears.
Chōdo watashi...
Just f
:iconniola:Niola 0 0
Wedding with an ghost from the past..
Standing here under the same light again….
The light embraces the darkness around it like an umbrella above my head.
I remember your laugh…
How it still rings in my head..
Its been 7 years.
Black hair, Purple leather jeans, Soft yellow skin and dark black eyes…
Wandered, loitered, left, mistaken, cried, hurt
Tired, drained, sleepy, annoyed, mess-up, cold, it's all real
The crazy, the wanting, the longing, the insecure, the anxious
The complicated, the dreamed, the possessed, the lost,
How do I ever forget our spot?
The sofa you sat on expanded, the music you love stopped
I waited for you till I became an accessory
I'm thinking about returning it to you, I can't have it, have to let go
How many days has the continental trail carried me
Suddenly, I discover I don't miss you right now
Mine, yours, his, the good, the bad, the sad
The gray, the blue, the yellow, the sour, the sweet, the bitter, I still remember
The thing I desperately want to forget, the thing I should never
:iconniola:Niola 0 0
Catalysis of Thoughts
Droplets plummet upon me as I gape upon the sky.
I remember when things were undemanding.
Storms dance between the clouds that loiter above me.
The sphere seems so far away now.
Everyone demands something different.
Yet I do not budge from my spot.
Holding onto something that seems so far away.
Heart flutters within my chest.
Rainbows scatter across the sky.
Rain not clearing any time soon.
Left.. Or to the right?
Smells of Newport cigarettes fill my senses.
All the things I have said.
Seem to have washed away with this storm.
All the worries and fears.
Taken by a single rainbow.
Watching at this one smokes a Newport.
Chuckles and giggles fill my ears.
Slowly the rain calms although the thunder remains.
Right.. or to the left?
Decisions evade my every being.
Soft laughter escapes my lips.
Soft and unmoved exterior
Eyes settle upon me.
What happened to the decisions I used to have?
Where did this come from?
Je T'aime Tu…
Everything seems so far away….
Anything seems too distan
:iconniola:Niola 0 4
Hanging On by Niola Hanging On :iconniola:Niola 0 0
A Smile And A Joke
Hello there with a smile and a joke.
We know each other for some time.
Friends for years it has seemed.
Did you notice?
Laughter and moments shared in time.
Been through my troubles and triumphs.
I'm envious of them but also sick at the sight.
The past scares me from this blessing.
I don't want to ruin a great friendship..
Did you notice?
Our friends seemed to have noticed something.
I am in denial again…
Your nervous voice as you speak and that nervous laughter I hear coming from you.
Is there something scaring you?
Don't rush into anything. I tell myself.
Don't want to ruin a great friendship.
Finally, he has said it.
But I am to scared to ruin a great friendship.
Going on dates won't ruin a friendship, right?
The past scares me from this blessing.
Similarities are in full bloom.
Did you notice?
Favorite that you are.
Hiding behind my own worries and whimsical thoughts.
Because Im scared from my past.
Not wanting to ruin us.
Do you?
Nervousness rush
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On the Beach Front by Niola On the Beach Front :iconniola:Niola 0 3 Casting Rays Of Sun by Niola Casting Rays Of Sun :iconniola:Niola 1 0 The Panaroma Of The Beach by Niola The Panaroma Of The Beach :iconniola:Niola 0 2 Enter The Beach Mood by Niola Enter The Beach Mood :iconniola:Niola 0 0
Don't Go Wasting All Your Emotions
I ask myself.
On repeat...
How did I find myself at this spot again?
Although I always know the answer.
A meeting of sorts..
I beg of you..
Do not go wasting all your emotions.
I hear myself say..
Staring back from the mirror.
It has been some time now.
I do not find myself at that spot anymore..
Thoughts find their way back rarely.
There is someone else now.
I know it..
Now I am ready..
He questions...
Pick it up.
Don't stop, Push it now.
I beg of you..
Do not go wasting all your emotions.
I hear myself say..
Staring back from the mirror.
Find myself busy all of the sudden…
What happen to the free time?
Cause, cause you tease me…
I like it that way..
Do you want to dance?
Don't stop..
My thoughts full..
Although I crave more..
You are still there taken shelter..
However, I want you to vanish from the face of the earth.
Don't stop..
He lingers in the back of my mind....
I beg of you..
Do not go wasting all your emotions.
I hear myself say..
Staring back from the mirror.
I say
:iconniola:Niola 0 2
To Me
Oh Eh.. Oh Eh..
Oh mister.. Oh Boy..
So baby listen up, yes
just want to be with you.
Come on!!!
Just come to me..
An expensive bag and a fancy car
I do not expect it…
if I want it..
I will buy it myself.
Lean on my shoulder.
Believe in me and follow me.
I can lead you!
When I miss you
I do not wait for a call
Pride is just stupid!
It does not matter!
It does not matter!
When you're tired and lonely..
I can make you smile.
An expensive bag and a fancy car
I do not expect it…
if I want it I will buy it myself.
When I miss you
I do not wait for a call
Pride is just stupid!
It does not matter!
Give everything to me,
like it's always the end
Always be with you
if you never let me go.
Like a stage in where songs can't be taken away,
I always need you
Put your worries behind you,
And you'll only need me to be okay!
You need me, that's right boy
Just want to be with you
Come to me!!!
An expensive bag and a fancy car
I do not expect it…
if I want
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Hello My Lovely's,

I have been very busy.. I should be posting new things shortly (I hope), and try to stay up to date with everything. I missed everyone! School, being almost over, has been keeping me busy along with work and my boyfriend whom is amazing. =] Also on my down time, I haven't made any art lately besides a few things but nothing i normally do. I actually drew a few things which i haven't done in a while and yet to finish that one project. I feel so lazy.. Nor have i made much more jewelry besides the ones that await me to take pictures of them. ^.^

How can things be this busy? or am i just getting bored with it? Maybe.. I know i have my dress i been making since.. mmm October? Yes.. I believe October.  Along with the weather getting nice, and such I will be outside more.. Im trying to break my camera out and take pictures, and also with Panoply coming up, I will defiantly be taking pictures but it will be with my note 2 which means don't mind the quality.. To scared to bring my professional one out into the field.

Also, i been working on new hobbies which i am DMing a DND group now.. A lot of work lol. Keeping up with everything.. I take so many notes during the session, Its not even funny T.T. But my imagination explains the surrounds and such =]. Anywhoms.. I shall be going to video games and such.. =] Follow me on Instagram, or tumblr. You know the links ;) <3
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Artist | Student | Varied
Hello Everyone I am Niola, But my name is actually Kri! =3 I do photography, drawing, and wirewrapping. I am a student in college working for a major in Business and I also own a business, obviously, and very happy with it. If you want to get to know me, im a very loyal and sweet person.. So please contact me!

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Techno, j-rock
Favourite photographer: Me?
Favourite style of art: .... omg.. there is to many ><
Operating System: Windows 7?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod?
Shell of choice: Shell? really...
Wallpaper of choice: hmmm bright kawaii stuff
Skin of choice: ? hmmm tan?
Favourite cartoon character: ..... hmm... idk my Yuki <3
Personal Quote: >.>



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